3 Satisfying Ricotta Toast Recipes I Eat on Repeat


I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to cheeses – but I do have to admit that ricotta is one of the most versatile. We love it in pasta, pancakes, and cheesecake, so chances are, we have some in our fridge at all times. Which leads me to make ricotta toast for lunch…more often than I care to admit. But honestly, can you blame me? It takes all of 15 minutes to put together, can be adapted depending on what produce is in season, and genuinely leaves me feeling sated and satisfied every single time.

Over the last year of working from home, I’ve experimented with quite a few recipes and selected my three favorites to share with you. Are they revolutionary? Definitely not, but can I guarantee that you’ll be thanking me as you take your first bite? Absolutely.

Peas + Garlic + Mint + Lemon + Parmesan

IMG_5583 2

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