5 Fantastic Pasta Recipes to Add to Your Weeknight Dinner Rotation

Corn risotto isn't the prettiest...but the making of the stock sure was a good time.

Corn risotto isn’t the prettiest…but the making of the stock sure was a good time.

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious from my croissant content, ricotta toast recipes, and cookbook preferences, I am a big fan of carbs. I’m even eating a baguette with butter for breakfast as I write this – but in my mind, there’s nothing more satisfying and comforting than a big bowl of pasta (especially in the fall). The leftovers also happen to make for an ideal and easy weekday lunch, so I find myself gravitating towards anything involving “rigatoni,” “bucatini,” or “risotto” quite often.

Lately, I’ve been making my way through recipes on the blogs of my internet friends, Anna from Italian Enough and Kendall Andronico, each one more delectable and impressive than the last. Highly recommend giving them each a follow (@italianenough_ and @kendallandronico) if you want your feed to be filled with cooking tips and beautiful photos of food. Both women share my passion for seasonal ingredients, low-maintenance prep, and a great noodle, and are constantly innovating in the kitchen with new-to-me flavor combinations or a fresh take on an old favorite. Below, I’ve highlighted the top five I’ve tried over the last few months that have been added to our dinner rotation, as well as five I can’t wait to test out and try (perhaps on @shopcupcakesandcashmere…?!):

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