A “bohemian business” quote on fishing, Chinook eggs collected, a tight photo of a hairy woodpecker, and a cautionary note on water safety are among the note from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.

Notes come from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.


Ron Wozny captured this tight view of a hairy woodpecker working diligently on the Northwest Side .”I can’t figure if it’s a carpenter ant or what, but he was drilling the nub for three or four minutes,” he messaged.

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Wednesday, Oct. 27: Anthony Zimmer, “Fall Strategies for Clear Deep Water Lake Walleyes,” Walleyes Unlimited, Gurnee American Legion, 7 p.m.,


Sunday, Oct. 24: Final day, central zone youth waterfowl hunt

Monday, Oct. 25: North zone, light goose season opens

Tuesday, Oct. 26: Late-winter, CWD deer season lottery opens

Thursday, Oct. 28: Crow season opens


“Thirty-three years ago, a good friend drowned after falling in a violent Wolf while pulling up the anchor when the weather was changing. The current took him away so fast that no one could save him and he was found a week later after a two-day search came up with nothing. My fishing group decided on a rule that no one is allowed on a boat without wearing a flotation device.” Excerpt from David Homer email, Evanston

A: His point taken. FYI, I sat on a flotation cushion while under power. I sat, except when stopped and fishing. We weren’t using an anchor. Guide Bill Stoeger has a Minn Kota Spot Lock, which eliminates anyone needing to yank the anchor free.


2.3 million: Chinook egg collection at Wisconsin’s Strawberry Creek during five collection days, the last on Monday.


“I think I fish, in part, because it’s an anti-social, bohemian business that, when gone about properly, puts you forever outside the mainstream culture without actually landing you in an institution.”

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