Analyst says tight dairy margins will likely continue


Analyst says tight dairy margins will likely continue

A marketing and risk management specialist says he expects compressed dairy margins will continue.

Mike North with tells Brownfield he expects a lot of back and forthcoming in the markets until things get a bit more predictable. “You know, as we talk about the road ahead, it’s going to be a little checkered. We’re going to have plenty of volatility. You know we have a lot of issues to work through on the supply chain side of things, which we see on the dairy and grain side alike.”

North says producers need to pay attention to the ebb and flow in the dairy markets. “As we work with dairymen, one of our big messages to them is to be watchful for the opportunities when the milk prices afford a little bit of a wider margin.”

North spoke to Brownfield during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

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