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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why going DOWN stairs is better for you than going up! 

The Easter holidays are a fantastic excuse to eat a number of chocolate, however many individuals additionally see it as a time to kick-start moving into form for summer season.

Everyone knows the advantages of doing train, each for the mind and the physique, however it may be troublesome to inspire your self to get going.

Though I get pleasure from a brisk day by day stroll within the woods with my canine, I actually don’t get pleasure from most different types of train, so I’m all the time on the look out for ‘cheats’, methods to get the most important enhancements within the least time, and ideally with the least effort.

You’ll find a number of these train ‘cheats’ in my podcast collection, Simply One Factor, launched this week, which additionally accommodates a number of different easy, science-based methods you possibly can increase your well being.

Everyone knows the advantages of doing train, each for the mind and the physique, however it may be troublesome to inspire your self to get going

One of many cheats we function is probably one of many extra stunning issues I’ve come throughout through the years.

It’s known as eccentric train — regardless of the title, this doesn’t imply hopping on one leg whereas dressed as Harry Potter or rolling an enormous cheese down a hill. ‘Eccentric’ comes from the Latin, that means ‘out of’ and ‘centre’ — an ‘eccentric’ motion is one the place you stretch a muscle, slightly than contract it (which is named a ‘concentric’ motion).

For instance, for those who choose up a heavy suitcase you’re contracting the muscle tissues in your arm, however as you slowly decrease it again to the ground, you’re stretching it — an eccentric motion.

Now, I’ve all the time assumed that as a result of it’s the ‘going up’ bit that feels arduous — whether or not it’s lifting a weight, climbing a hill or taking the steps — that’s what builds probably the most muscle and confers probably the most well being advantages.

However it seems the reverse is true, as demonstrated by a latest experiment by researchers from the Faculty of Medical and Well being Sciences at Edith Cowan College in Australia.

For this examine, revealed within the journal of Drugs & Science in Sports activities & Train, they requested 30 obese ladies, everywhere in the age of 60, to take to the steps for 12 weeks. Half had been requested to take a elevate to the sixth ground of a constructing, after which stroll right down to the primary ground, whereas the opposite group needed to stroll as much as the sixth, then take the elevate down.

Although I enjoy a brisk daily walk in the woods with my dog, I really don¿t enjoy most other forms of exercise, so I am always on the look out for ¿cheats¿, ways to get the biggest improvements in the least time, and preferably with the least effort

Though I get pleasure from a brisk day by day stroll within the woods with my canine, I actually don’t get pleasure from most different types of train, so I’m all the time on the look out for ‘cheats’, methods to get the most important enhancements within the least time, and ideally with the least effort

They began doing this twice per week, then step by step elevated how typically they did it as they obtained fitter.

As you would possibly anticipate, the volunteers discovered strolling up the steps was far tougher, however the huge shock was that, by nearly each measure, it was the volunteers requested to only go down the steps who obtained probably the most profit: they misplaced probably the most weight, noticed the most important enhancements in blood stress, blood fat and blood sugar ranges — and likewise had the most important enhancements in stability and bone power.

That is significantly essential as we grow old, as a result of weaker bones imply you usually tend to break that bone do you have to fall.

So why did this occur? Effectively, the development in bone power is sort of actually as a result of if you descend a flight of stairs you land with much more power on every step than when going up: this fixed small jarring will, in time, trigger your bones to reply by turning into stronger.

However relating to what’s happening with the opposite measurements, corresponding to blood stress, I sought the experience of Tony Kay, a professor of biomechanics at Northampton College, who has achieved a number of research the advantages of eccentric train.

He informed me after we are doing one thing like strolling down a flight of stairs, we’re utilizing greater and extra highly effective muscle fibres than those we use going up. We’re additionally doing extra harm to these muscle tissues fibres which, unusually, makes them stronger.

‘Eccentric train does extra microscopic harm,’ he defined. ‘However I don’t imply harm as in a muscle damage. I’m speaking about microscopic tears. And what that does is stimulate hormonal responses, and [this, combined] with vitamin and relaxation and sleep over the subsequent couple of days, means you then rebuild that muscle to a brand new, greater, stronger degree.’

This elevated muscle harm can also clarify why the volunteers strolling down the steps misplaced extra weight. Though you burn extra energy whereas climbing a set of stairs, as a result of your physique has to do extra repairs after strolling down the steps, you burn extra energy general.

For a delicate eccentric exercise, Professor Kay suggests doing a easy, ‘sit to face’ problem — the place you slowly decrease your self right into a chair, taking 3-5 seconds to take action, then swiftly get up once more. Do that no less than ten occasions, however ideally till you are feeling fairly knackered. If you’re already fairly match you can attempt doing this on one leg, which may even enhance your stability.

I’ve included extra eccentric train into the squats and press-ups I do most mornings, and I comply with a 3:1 rule. I take three seconds to go down and one second to go up once more. And I’m fairly positive I can already really feel the advantages. For tons extra uncommon well being suggestions, together with easy methods to increase your exercises, safely, do try my podcasts.

n Simply One Factor is obtainable on BBC Sounds from Wednesday April 20, and per week later, at 9.30am, on Radio 4.

Most of us wish to be fashionable, and you’d think about that one of the simplest ways to try this can be to be pleasant, amusing and useful to different individuals. And that actually works. However apparently you can even make your self fashionable by being extra aggressive and disruptive. At the least if you’re a baby. 

That was the stunning conclusion of a examine of youngsters, aged eight to 12, at a main college in Florida. The researchers discovered children who had been aggressive turned extra dominant and this translated, within the quick time period, into elevated reputation. I don’t assume it could go down properly if I attempted this at dwelling.

I’m cooling on my range 

Our home is kind of outdated and draughty, and with the price of heating hovering, I’ve been alternative routes to warmth it, together with putting in a wood-burning range. However this seems to be a really dangerous concept.

Though wood-burning stoves (and open fires) look beautiful, they really produce enormous quantities of tiny particles known as PM 2.5 that are actually dangerous for our well being.

These particles can journey deep into our lungs, worsening circumstances corresponding to bronchial asthma. They’ve additionally been linked to an elevated threat of coronary heart illness and lung most cancers. In accordance with the British Medical Journal, wood-burning stoves produce extra PM 2.5 than all of the UK’s automobiles, vans and buses put collectively.

They usually gained’t save the planet: one other examine discovered that the common wooden range causes six occasions extra world warming than a warmth pump in your house.

So now I’m seeing if I can enhance the insulation in our home — and maybe spend money on photo voltaic panels.

Sleep is the important thing to wholesome consuming 

We’ve recognized for a while that not getting sufficient sleep could make you fats — largely as a result of it impacts your starvation hormones and makes you crave extra sugary issues.

I as soon as took half in an experiment, the place a gaggle of us had been requested to chop again on sleep for one evening: the subsequent day we ate on common 300 energy greater than regular. Now a brand new examine has proven that not solely do you placed on weight, but it surely goes on within the worst place — across the intestine, within the type of visceral fats. This infiltrates organs corresponding to your liver and pancreas, and might result in kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness. For the examine, revealed within the Journal of the American School of Cardiology final month, 12 wholesome adults had been requested to sleep as regular or had been restricted to 4 hours an evening. They had been allowed to eat no matter they wished. The volunteers got here again later and repeated the experiment, however this time the teams converted.

The volunteers consumed roughly 300 additional energy a day after they had been sleep restricted. However whereas they solely placed on a pound in weight, scans revealed that they’d piled on visceral fats, up by a whopping 11 per cent.

As an insomniac, the perfect tip I do know is for those who wake within the evening and don’t return to sleep inside quarter-hour, stand up, discover one thing boring to do and don’t return to mattress till you are feeling sleepy.

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