Drought limits alfalfa harvest in Minnesota and Dakotas


Drought limits alfalfa harvest in Minnesota and Dakotas

Drought has limited this year’s hay crop in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains.

Nathan Collins of Murdock in southwest Minnesota says conditions have been variable.

“We’ve gotten three really good crops, and the fourth we had to shorten up the interval a little bit to move into silage. But we had a pretty decent alfalfa crop, average to just below average. We’re very blessed to have what we have.”

Collins tells Brownfield he feels for those who didn’t even get a second cut.

“I’ve talked to guys out in North and South Dakota (who) have had to sell some cows just to have funds to buy more feed, if they can even find it. It’s hard to hear that.”

The last time USDA updated Minnesota’s alfalfa harvest was August 23rd with the second cutting 96 percent complete.

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