Final year 4-H member capitalizes on opportunities as county fairs return


Final year 4-H member capitalizes on opportunities as county fairs return

Most county fairs are back this year following pandemic related cancellations in 2020, reopening an array of opportunities for ag youth.

“Seeing all of the rides being set up and exhibitors moving into the livestock barns, it was such a great feeling it was giving me goosebumps.”

Sara Timm of Iuka, Illinois left the Marion County 4-H showring this week with the title of Master Showman for her skills exhibiting cattle, sheep and pigs.

“It was very rewarding after spending 11 years showing at the fair. Having it all finally pay off and be named the top dog is pretty cool.”

And at her last county fair as a 4-H member, she stepped out of her comfort zone and competed in the county fair queen pageant.

“I have never done a pageant before, but I am so glad I did it this year. I loved every bit of it and learned so much about myself. I actually ended up being first runner-up.” Timm credits her experiences in 4-H, FFA and exhibiting at the fair for giving her the to confidence to take the stage where she was also named Miss Congeniality, Most Photogenic, and Best in Speech and Communication.

Timm says county fairs have not only helped her on her journey to become a large animal vet, but also serve as an outlet for agriculture education and consumer engagement.

“Having a year off from county fairs has also reminded me how important it is for the community to be involved in fairs because they get to learn about agriculture.”

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