Genesis Last Domino tour 2021 in Raleigh NC: Review, setlist


Phil Collins performs with Genesis in concert as they bring their “Last Domino Tour” to Raleigh, N.C.’s PNC Arena, Friday night, Nov. 19. 2021.


Genesis arrived in Raleigh for their first and probably last concert in City of Oaks Friday evening, treating fans to two-and-a-half hours of songs from their prog rock and pop rock days. It was the third stop of the North American leg of The Last Domino? Tour.

Though the trio of Phil Collins (vocals), Mike Rutherford (guitar/bass guitar) and Tony Banks (keyboards) are all 70 and above, they did not show many signs of their age. They were having fun up there on stage.

Frontman Collins, who used to bounce around on stage and on the drums, spent this tour singing while sitting on a chair. An injury during the last tour in 2007 made it hard for him to hold drum sticks, and subsequent surgeries resulted in foot issues, making it also hard for him to stand for long periods.

Age and being seated limited the vocal range of Collins. He could no longer hit the notes he did 40 years ago, and that changed the tenor of some of the songs. But with Daniel Pearce and Patrick Smyth on backing vocals (the first time Genesis ever had backing vocalists on tour), the songs still had the heart and soul they did decades ago.

Collins’ son, Nic, 20, replacing longtime touring drummer Chester Thompson, was great on drums, channeling, as Mike Rutherford told me earlier this week, a young Phil Collins.

And longtime tour guitar/bass guitarist Darryl Struermer was his usual incredible self.

It was initially weird to see Collins, who used to head to his drum set during instrumentals, suddenly have nothing to do when songs like “Second Home by the Sea” and “Firth of Fifth” were performed. But then you saw that Collins was proudly watching his son take over his mantle and you couldn’t help but smile.

The set list was mixed with songs from some old albums and newer ones. Though since the last album the trio released was 30 years ago, even the newer ones are older ones.

The acoustic set of “That’s All,” “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” and “Follow You, Follow Me” presented the songs in a way never done before and was fantastic.

And while it was good to revisit their hits like, “Invisible Touch,” “Land of Confusion,” “I Can’t Dance,” it was the songs that haven’t been played live since at least the early ’80s that were truly breathtaking.

The first verses of “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” from 1973’s Selling England by the Pound and “Duchess,” from 1980’s “Duke” were highlights. If they had played any part of “Apocalypse in 9/8,” part of 1972’s epic 22:54 minute song “Supper’s Ready,” it would have been legendary.

But as it was, the concert was still an event and a gift for anyone who has enjoyed Genesis. Their 2007 tour was supposed to be their last one. Fourteen years later, we got to get together and celebrate their incredible music again.

At the end, after all the performers took a final bow, Darryl, Nic, Daniel and Patrick left to let Phil, Mike and Tony take one last bow together.

If indeed this is the last time we will be able to see them perform live, what an amazing sendoff it was.

Genesis Raleigh, NC Set List, Nov. 19, 2021

“Behind the Lines”/”Duke’s End”

“Turn it On Again”


“Land of Confusion”

“Home by the Sea”/”Second Home by the Sea”

“Fading Lights”/”Cinema Show/“Afterglow”

“That’s All” (acoustic)

“The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (acoustic)

“Follow You, Follow Me” (acoustic)


“No Son of Mine”

“Firth of Fifth”/”I Know What I Like”


“Throwing it All Away”

“Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

“Invisible Touch”


“I Can’t Dance”

“Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”/”The Carpet Crawlers”

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