Luke Fawcett ‘wore latex in video and rehearsed’ before alleged murder of WA siblings

A Mount Claremont woman has relived the moment she discovered the bodies of her two siblings, stabbed to death inside a Victoria Park apartment in April last year.

Next-door neighbour Luke Fawcett, 28, is on trial for their double murder, with police alleging he plotted, planned and rehearsed their killings.

Fawcett is accused of killing 66-year-old neighbour Maree Collins first, then concerned brother Wayne Johnson, 62, the next day when he came looking for her.

Their sister Helen Batina hadn’t heard from her siblings over last year’s Easter long weekend, so she went to check on them.

What she found was unimaginable.

Both were dead, stabbed 37 times between them.

Collins died on April 11, suffering 12 stab wounds, including one that severed her jugular vein.

Johnson died after he was stabbed 25 times in the chest and abdomen.

Maree Collins and Wayne Johnson.
Maree Collins and Wayne Johnson. Credit: WA Police

Monday was day one of Fawcett’s Supreme Court double murder trial.

The state’s case relies on a mountain of evidence it says points to Luke Fawcett being the murderer.

Prosecutors claim he filmed himself wearing latex and rehearsing the killing while holding a knife and a Taser.

In the video, he is allegedly heard to say, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, if it’s the hard way you will be severely hurt and eventually I will kill you.”

Police allege Fawcett also wrote “to-do” lists that included a list for pepper spray, face masks and cable ties.

They allege he left his DNA over a number of murder weapons and dug a shallow grave 200 kilometres south of Perth.

Fawcett agrees Maree Collins was murdered, but not by him.

Luke Fawcett is on trial in WA, accused of murdering two siblings.
Luke Fawcett is on trial in WA, accused of murdering two siblings. Credit: 7NEWS

He does admit to killing Wayne Johnson but claims he acted in self-defence after the 62-year-old saw his sister’s body.

Fawcett’s lawyer Simon Freitag alleged the incident unfolded after the accused heard a commotion next door and went to investigate.

While he was there, Wayne Johnson entered the apartment and “drew the conclusion that Mr Fawcett was responsible for Ms Collins’ death and he attacked him,” Freitag said.

“There was a struggle between himself and Mr Johnson in which both were injured … and Mr Fawcett fatally injured Mr Johnson,” Freitag argued.

The trial is expected to run for three weeks.

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