Poll: ACT support doubles since election but Government parties remain ahead

National have lost more support to ACT in the latest Newshub/Reid Research poll.

The new poll, released on Sunday night, had ACT’s support surging to 16 per cent – twice what it won at the last election.

Labour stayed steady in the poll on 42.7 per cent, down just 0.3 percentage points, and would still remain in Government alongside the Green Party, who were on 7.2 per cent – down 1.3 percentage point.

ACT leader David Seymour.

Braden Fastier/Stuff

ACT leader David Seymour.

National was on 26.9 per cent, down 1.8 per cent, while to the party’s right ACT surged to 16 per cent – up 4.9 percentage points.

On those numbers Labour would govern in coalition with the Greens, with 54 seats for Labour and 9 for the Greens putting them over the 61-seat threshold.

National would hold 34 seats, meaning even with ACT’s 20 seats it would not be able to lead a Government.

This poll largely accords with other recent public polling.

The TVNZ/Colmar Brunton poll earlier in November found Labour at 41 per cent support, National at 28 per cent, ACT at 14 per cent, and the Green Party on 9 per cent.

Two other polls conducted for private clients showed broadly similar results, with a drop for Labour but not much gain for National.

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