Singapore Airlines to use A380 for short-haul 60-minute flight

Singapore Airlines will use the A380 to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (file photo).


Singapore Airlines will use the A380 to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (file photo).

Singapore Airlines has announced that it is to use one of its remaining A380s for a short hop lasting just an hour.

The superjumbo has been scheduled on an “ad hoc basis” on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia route, reports CNN Travel.

The distance between the two cities is 298km, or roughly flying the equivalent of Wellington to Christchurch.

The A380 will be called into service next month until early December at this stage.

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Many airlines, including Singapore and Malaysian Airlines, had fallen out of love with the giant A380 due to more nimble and cost-effective smaller aircraft. The latter even launched a tender for the sale on Linkedin of six Airbus A380-800 aircraft earlier this year. Lufthansa and Air France have already retired their fleets.

However, the Covid pandemic has seen a somewhat revival of the aircraft. Singapore Airlines will start using them on the service from the city state to London.

Their head of global public affairs, Siva Govindasamy, told CNN Travel that a lot of flyers still have a passion for the plane.

“The A380 is a wonderful aircraft. Some people just book the A380 specifically to fly on it,” said Govindasamy.

Other airlines are also dusting off the cobwebs of their A380s including Qantas, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

British Airways is also looking at the superjumbo to use on short-haul flights from London to Frankfurt and Madrid as a bid to refamiliarise crew to the aircraft ahead of using them on transatlantic routes.

The A380 was first introduced into service in 2007 as long-haul competition for the beloved Boeing 747. For a while the superjumbo ruled the skies, but that didn’t last and competition from the likes of the Dreamliner 787 and A350 saw it quickly fall out of favour. Production on the A380 has now ceased.

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