Travel: What’s a hard-to-reach place you’ve been to, or would love to go to?

ASSIGNMENT: Since the advent of widespread commercial flight, travellers the world over have taken adventures to all manner of places scattered across the planet.

While some prefer urban adventures – maybe to catch famous sights or landmarks they may have only seen on TV or in movies, others take on challenges to reach more out-of-the-way landmarks, no matter how hard to reach.

Like these 10 we recently wrote about.

And while admittedly Covid has put paid to this kind of thing for now, when global travel revs up again, there will no doubt be many ready to hit the open road – and airways – once more.

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We want to hear from you about a journey you took to reach an off-the-beaten track destination, or one you plan to go to in the future.

What hard-to-reach destinations have you visited?

Pamela Wade/Stuff

What hard-to-reach destinations have you visited?

These destinations can be at home or abroad, so long as there is a tale to tell about why and how you got there, and what you got out of the experience.

Maybe it wasn’t even a famous out-of-the-way landmark but rather some other kind of adventure that revealed a hidden travel treasure to you that you want to share?

Or, if your head is already turning to a time when you can adventure travel again, tell us where you’re planning to go, what it is about the destination or landmark that draws you to it, and the plans you’re making to make your travel dream happen.

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