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Trendy air purifiers: Do they really work and are they worth their eye-watering price tags?

They seem like high-tech sensible audio system or designer espresso tables and include grand claims they will purge rooms of dangerous pollution, allergens, micro organism, fungal spores and even the Covid virus.

Air purifiers – which suck in a room’s air and filter it earlier than pumping it again out – are must-haves for health-conscious customers, it appears. A survey from the Authorities’s Workplace for Product Security and Requirements discovered one in 12 Britons owned one.

Many stated they made the acquisition – typically costing lots of of kilos – resulting from considerations about air air pollution and, in fact, Covid. So it isn’t arduous to see the enchantment.

Mounting proof hyperlinks poor air high quality to persistent sickness. Publicity to air pollution raises the chance of dementia, coronary heart illness and lung circumstances reminiscent of bronchial asthma, in addition to inflicting being pregnant issues and injury to unborn youngsters.

Emissions curbs on visitors, agriculture and business have had an influence, with outside air air pollution ranges bettering over the previous decade. Regardless of this, in April, Imperial Faculty London researchers discovered that roughly 97 per cent of UK houses are in areas that undergo from air air pollution above limits set by the World Well being Organisation.

Testing occasions: Cameron Henderson with among the air purifiers. The devices – which suck in a room’s air and filter it earlier than pumping it again out – are must-haves for health-conscious customers, it appears. A survey from the Authorities’s Workplace for Product Security and Requirements discovered one in 12 Britons owned one

And, extra worryingly, indoor air high quality might be a lot worse than the air exterior. Together with fumes that drift in from the road, gases and compounds are launched by stoves, ovens, boilers and cleansing merchandise, and even emitted by new furnishings. 

The environmental push to raised insulate houses might compound issues – hermetic, draught-proof rooms could also be extra gasoline environment friendly however in addition they seal in toxins.

After which alongside got here Covid. Initially it was believed the an infection unfold by way of shut contact or by way of contaminated surfaces. Nonetheless, it’s now identified that transmission is principally airborne – the virus floats within the air round us, like invisible smoke. May an air air purifier supply a easy – if pricy – resolution to each issues?

The reply, in line with Alastair Lewis, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at College of York, is sure – so long as you select the appropriate one.

One of many major causes for concern by way of air air pollution are strong particles referred to as particulate matter, or PM. These are graded by measurement in microns.

For instance, these rated PM10 – ten microns in diameter – are coarse, bigger particles reminiscent of mud, mould and pollen that may irritate the eyes and throat. A human hair is roughly 50 microns in diameter, so PM10 is a fifth of this in measurement and in a excessive focus these could also be seen.

It is a reality

Air air pollution is considered behind as much as 40,000 deaths annually within the UK alone. 

Particles rated PM2.5 – typically known as positive particles – are small and extra dangerous as they will attain deep into the lungs. These are let off by cooking, heating programs, burning candles and air fresheners, to call just some frequent sources within the house. 

Prof Lewis says: ‘Bigger particles could cause irritation and coughing however smaller ones are extra insidious and might penetrate additional into the lungs. As we breathe them in they will set off circumstances reminiscent of bronchial asthma and different respiratory difficulties. Additionally they construct up over years of publicity and might trigger coronary heart and lung ailments.’

He suggests selecting an air air purifier that incorporates a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter – which most do – as these are confirmed to mop up PM10 and PM2.5.

Air purifiers work by pushing air by way of a number of layers of positive weave fibreglass or polypropylene, a sort of plastic, which traps the dangerous particles.

‘HEPA filters have observe document,’ says Prof Lewis. ‘They work by bodily trapping particles – a bit like espresso grounds in a espresso filter.’

Gasses are one other part of outside and indoor air air pollution, and eliminating these presents extra of a problem. ‘Molecules in gasses are smaller, and might move by way of HEPA filters – identical to the water and flavour makes it by way of the espresso filter,’ explains Prof Lewis.

Air air purifier producers have addressed this and the newest units embrace tech, reminiscent of activated carbon filters – made out of a porous and absorbent materials derived from charcoal – geared toward mopping up these toxins.

‘With these newer sorts we’ve got to take producers at their phrase,’ says Prof Lewis. ‘They’re going to have carried out testing in labs, however how units carry out in the true world can differ.’

So what of the well being advantages? A 2003 US examine of 30 asthmatic adults who share a house with cats or canine discovered working an air air purifier in the lounge and bed room improved bronchial asthma signs for two-thirds of contributors.

Different trials discovered linked air air purifier use with higher sleep, decrease blood stress and improved lung perform. And will they stop Covid transmission?

Analysis by Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge discovered that utilizing moveable air purifiers on wards swamped with Covid sufferers eliminated virtually all traces of the virus from the air, lowering the chance of transmission.

Leeds College is finishing up a trial to see whether or not purifiers could possibly be efficient in faculties for lowering Covid infections. Prof Mark Mon-Williams, the undertaking chief, informed The Mail on Sunday that air purifiers ‘are efficient in eradicating viral particles from the air, so we might be assured the programs will scale back Covid-19 virus circulation throughout the classroom’.

Prof Lewis says: ‘In case you have a respiratory situation reminiscent of bronchial asthma, or for those who’re delicate to allergens, you may discover an instantaneous enchancment in your signs by way of utilizing an air air purifier.’

Nonetheless, he provides: ‘Most of us do not discover variations in air high quality immediately. The results of poor air high quality are refined and construct up over years to trigger extra severe circumstances.’

Most purifiers are designed to be left on and comprise sensors that monitor the air regularly, turning the ability up and down routinely as and when wanted.

Prof Lewis says: ‘When you’re a hairdresser working with chemical substances, then it is perhaps working on full blast 12 hours a day. However the common individual will discover it is solely on for half an hour or so whereas they’re cooking or cleansing. If pollen is your fear, you may want the air purifier when the pollen rely is excessive.’

So which air purifiers are value investing in?

We requested Prof Lewis to take a look at among the bestsellers on the Excessive Avenue and put them to the take a look at…

Who cleaned up in our air purifier trial?

To place the units to the take a look at, we sprayed 5 squirts of deodorant of their neighborhood, to imitate excessive ranges of air pollution, and recorded how rapidly they responded and the way lengthy they took to clear the air. 

Dyson Hepa Cool Formaldehyde

Dyson Hepa Cool Formaldehyde



Along with a HEPA filter and activated carbon filters – an absorbent materials that mops up extra positive particles the HEPA may miss – this gadget incorporates a catalytic converter much like the one present in a automobile’s exhaust. Dyson claims that this removes formaldehyde gasoline from the air.

‘Formaldehyde is emitted by industrial glues and paints, chipboard and different constructing supplies, and as it is a gasoline it would not be trapped by a HEPA filter,’ says Prof Lewis.

We requested Dyson for extra element about their converter however they had been tight lipped.

Catalytic converters in vehicles work by channelling poisonous exhaust fumes, reminiscent of carbon monoxide, by way of a honeycomb-like construction made out of a metallic reminiscent of platinum. The metallic is heated and this triggers a chemical response, turning the gasses into innocent water vapour and carbon dioxide.

‘I believe it is one thing comparable,’ says Prof Lewis. Dyson declare this gadget – which doubles up as a cooling fan – can purify a big 870 sq ft room – the scale of a two-bedroom flat – practically 13 occasions an hour. Prof Lewis says this is perhaps overkill ‘except you are actually severely affected by allergic reactions’.

Within the deodorant take a look at it reacted immediately, exhibiting on the show a rising ‘rating’ for PM2.5 – and it cleared the air in below two minutes. The HEPA+Carbon filter prices £65 and wishes altering each 12 months, based mostly on common use of 12 hours a day.

Philips Series 2000i Smart Air Purifier

Philips Collection 2000i Sensible Air Air purifier



This has each HEPA and activated carbon filters, and in a examine carried out in a 300 sq ft room – the scale of a mean open-plan lounge and kitchen – it eliminated as much as 99.9 per cent of flu virus from the air.

It will possibly change the air in a 215 sq ft house – much like a big bed room – practically six occasions an hour.

It makes use of 56 watts of vitality per hour on its most setting – equal to a regular lightbulb.

Within the deodorant take a look at, the gadget reacted instantly, flashing red for poor air high quality, and took 19 minutes to return the air to ‘good’.

The activated carbon filter prices £25 and wishes changing each 12 months, based mostly on 16 hours a day use. The HEPA filter prices £34.99 and wishes changing each two years. A warning mild signifies when the filters have to be changed.

Blueair DustMagnet 5440i

Blueair DustMagnet 5440i



Blueair declare their DustMagnet can ‘catch mud earlier than it settles on flooring and surfaces’.

The HEPASilent and activated carbon filters are surrounded by a stainless-steel mesh that is electrically charged. This creates a subject of static that mud, hair and different bigger particles keep on with – in the same option to static electrical energy generated by friction makes a balloon keep on with a jumper.

‘This provides an additional layer of safety,’ says Prof Lewis. ‘Mud contains of all types of issues, together with human and animal pores and skin, hair, fur and different issues individuals are typically allergic to. The much less mud, the less allergy issues.’

It will possibly change the air in a 355 sq ft lounge practically 5 occasions an hour.

Within the deodorant take a look at, the DustMagnet kicked in at full blast instantly and took seven minutes to return the air high quality to ‘wonderful’ – a little bit extra noisily than the agency’s HealthProtect gadget however not as loud as its Blue 3210.

The principle filters value £79 and wish changing each six to 12 months, relying on the indoor circumstances.

Blueair HealthProtect 7470i

Blueair HealthProtect 7470i



This incorporates Blueair’s HEPASilent filter, which the corporate says delivers 50 per cent extra clear air than conventional HEPA filters.

It additionally has an activated carbon filter and a ‘charged’ filter much like the one within the DustMagnet under.

Impartial lab exams discovered the air purifier was in a position to take away 99.99 per cent of airborne Covid particles, which the agency says is a primary within the air air purifier market.

It may be managed by way of an app – the Dyson, Philips and DustMagnet can too – and has sensors to detect adjustments in air high quality that set off the gadget to work more durable.

Blueair is a Swedish firm that makes nothing however air purifiers, and this one is spectacular in motion. The air purifier can change the air practically 5 occasions an hour in a room that’s 409 sq ft – the scale of a regular two-car storage.

Within the deodorant take a look at the HealthProtect turned on full energy instantly – though the fan remained whisper-quiet – and returned the air high quality to wonderful in below a minute.

The show tells you intimately simply how clear (or soiled) the air is at any level.

The filters, which value £99, want changing each six to 12 months. A warning mild signifies when that is due.

Blueair Blue 3210

Blueair Blue 3210



This cheaper Blueair gadget incorporates the agency’s HEPASilent filter – additionally current of their dearer HealthProtect machine, above proper.

The filter additionally features a layer of activated carbon.

Weighing simply 3lb 12oz, this gadget has a motor highly effective sufficient to vary the air practically 5 occasions an hour in a room that’s 182 sq ft – the scale of a small bed room.

It makes use of between two and ten watts of electrical energy per hour – which is lower than the typical LED lightbulb.

The filters value £27, and if the gadget is left to run 24-hours a day they may want altering each six months.

The deodorant take a look at appeared to confuse the Blue 3210.

Its little mild went red – which indicated poor air high quality – however then appeared to get caught on its noisy full blast setting.

After half-hour of that, we simply switched it off.

It has a nice-looking washable cloth protecting which sits across the gadget, performing as a ‘pre-filter’ – it stops greater mud particles from getting sucked into the filter inside, the place they might trigger blockages.

‘It will lengthen the lifetime of the primary filter,’ says Prof Lewis.

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