TV: New sci-fi reboot ‘The 4400’ premieres on The CW


TL Thompson as Andre and Jaye Ladymore as Claudette in “4400” on The CW.


4400 (9 p.m., The CW) – This new series is actually a reboot of the USA sci-fi drama “The 4400,” in which 4,400 people who had previously disappeared from Earth are returned unchanged to Washington state. In the new series, the people who vanished were “overlooked, undervalued or otherwise marginalized,” and are returned all at once to Detroit, with no memory of what happened to them. An empathetic social worker (Joseph David-Jones) and a community corrections officer (Ireon Roach) play two civil servants who deal with the refugees.

Among the people they are trying to help: A young mother (Brittany Adebumola), who has a rocky reunion with her estranged husband (Cory Jeacoma); a WWI Army surgeon fresh from the Harlem Renaissance (TL Thompson); an influential figure from the Mississippi civil rights movement (Jaye Ladymore); a black sheep born to a notable televangelist family in Chicago (Derrick A. King); a misunderstood D-list reality TV star (Khailah Johnson); and two wildly different teens — a vibrant girl (Autumn Best) with a 1970s upbringing, and a prescient boy (Amarr) whose origin remains a mystery.

Things We Dare Not Do (10 p.m., PBS NC) – In this POV documentary, a 16-year-old defying gender norms in the Mexican coastal village of El Roblito grasps the courage to tell his parents he wants to live life as a woman.

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