UK mum Jay Griffin dies from cervical cancer after missing pap smear by just six months

A mum-of-three in the UK has died of cervical cancer after missing a pap smear by just six months.

Jay Griffin, 34, from Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2019.

She had experienced a haemorrhage and pelvic bleeding and needed five blood transfusions before she received a cancer diagnosis.

Gruelling rounds of chemotherapy followed.

In March 2020, she was advocating for women to get regular check-ups.

“I think if anyone feels different about their body or any concerns, just go and get in touch with your GP,” she said.

‘Look what happened to me’

“I would say, ‘look what happened to me,’ the treatment and the operations I had to have, the months and months of pain afterwards all the side effects I’m having to deal with, it’s all much worse than a smear test.”

She had been given the all-clear late in 2019, but the cancer returned and she died on August 10.

Her funeral was held on September 6.

Jay leaves behind sons Louis, 16, Jamie, 12, and Brandon, 11.

Her friends have paid tribute to the “kind”, “brave” mum.

Jay Griffin.
Jay Griffin. Credit: Facebook/Jay Griffin

“She was a very good mother to her three children, she’s a very good friend, she was also so kind to everybody,” Kellie-Amanda Swanton told HertsLive.

“Even when she was going through her cancer treatment, she was a single mum, she was so supportive of other people in their times of need.

“That’s one thing everyone has said about her, her kindness and support won’t be forgotten by anybody.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help send her three children to Disneyland Paris.

Jay Griffin has left behind three sons.
Jay Griffin has left behind three sons. Credit: GoFundMe/
Fundraiser for Jay Griffin

“One thing that she [Jay’s mum] really wanted to do is take the boys back to Disneyland Paris because when Jay got the all-clear from cancer she treated the boys to a trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate, she gave it to them as a Christmas present,” Kellie-Amanda said.

“When they were arranging Jay’s funeral, their nanny and granddad said to the boys, ‘Do you have any memories of Mummy that you would like to include for the funeral or anything that you’d like to talk about?’ and she said all the youngest children kept talking about was Disneyland Paris.

“She said to the children, ‘Why don’t Nanny and Granddad take you to Disneyland Paris and then you can show us what you did with Mummy, and then we can celebrate Mummy’s life there as well?’”

The campaign has so far raised more than $2,000.

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