Watch an axe-wielding road-rager rear end a car into a ditch

Road rage is bad, but an axe-wielding road-rager is worse.


Highway rage is dangerous, however an axe-wielding road-rager is worse.

Warning: NSFW for some dangerous language.

Most of us have been grumpy behind the wheel typically, however there’s a little bit of a distinction between swearing beneath your breath when somebody doesn’t point out and cuts in entrance of you and waving an axe out of the window.

That’s what Reddit consumer u/DexFPV skilled lately in Texas. Caught on a dashcam video posted to r/IdiotsInCars, the footage begins with an intersection earlier than driving onto a freeway. A later-model Nissan Skyline (badged Infiniti G35 within the States) comes into view, pulling in entrance of the driving force and slamming on the brakes.

The driving force swerves across the Skyline and speeds off in try to lose them. After a couple of seconds of sped-up video with the dashcam studying speeds of near 100mph (160kph), the street rager comes again into body, this time brandishing an axe.

They minimize throughout a number of lanes of the freeway, earlier than drifting again into the centre lane and accumulating one other automobile.

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The influence was laborious sufficient to tear the bumper off the third automotive and ship it flying down a ditch, right into a bridge pillar. Our host driver pulls over to assist the crashed automobile and the footage ends.

The moment the axe-wielder collided with an innocent third party.


The second the axe-wielder collided with an harmless third occasion.

In response to the Reddit publish, the driving force of the hit automotive was strolling and speaking after the accident. The poster additionally mentioned that police had positioned the automotive in an AutoZone parking zone down the street, however the driver had fled.

Fortunately, it appears the police had been already conscious of the driving force, as primarily based on the consumer’s description, “they suppose they know who he’s.”

We do not know what occurred earlier than the video begins, so it’s potential the driving force isn’t completely squeaky clear, however there’s nonetheless no motive to tug out an axe. Plus, there’s the slight downside of being in a rushing automobiles… What are you going to do, throw it?

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