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  • Fashionista reported that inflation and supply-chain issues will mean smaller discounts and more out-of-stock items at clothing retailers this holiday season.
  • The New York Times took a close look at Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s style and its messages.
  • The New York Times also explored how employees’ needs are changing work spaces.
  • Minnesota Public Radio looked at how bad bosses can affect the national and even the global economy.
  • CNN published an opinion piece about how executives hold Black women back at work.
  • Schwab explained the tax issues of working from home.
  • The Washington Post observed that the pandemic has made things even worse for working women over 40.
  • The app Peanut shared the results of their survey of 1,000 women in the U.S. (plus app users) about menopause. October is Menopause Awareness Month.
  • Slate asked, “When did this time of year become ‘spooky season’?”
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from Points in Case, with “My Job Is Modeling Counterfeit Fashion and It’s the Most Rewarding Job in the World.”

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